Three Disclaimers for My Progressive Audience

At first glance, I may come across as the stereotypical conservative (a very loaded term, I might add). I’m a Republican, I’m pro-Tea Party, and obnoxiously proud of my country and the principles set forth in the Constitution that have helped usher in unequaled prosperity. And let’s face it, there are probably certain things you and I will never agree on.

But let’s get a few things straight before you fire both barrels at me over the anti-intellectual rhetoric that you probably assume the Heritage Foundation is spoon-feeding me:

  1. I’m no Bushie. I started getting revved up about politics during the 2008 Presidential campaign. During the height (depth?) of the stock market crash, I was beginning to pay close attention to politics. In fact, one remark that really raised my antennae was when W said he would abandon the free market in order to save the free market. So don’t try to get me on the hook defending Bush, because I’ll only back the man if I happen to agree with the decision in question. And that leads me to my second point:
  2. I don’t adhere to Reagan’s 11th commandment. Conservatism is far bigger than any one person. So if someone on the right gets out of line, the “R” beside his name will earn him no free pass from me.
  3. While I am firmly in the Tea Party camp on probably 98% of its platform, I find it unfortunate that the group didn’t spring into action years before it did. There’s really no question that Bush was guilty of the same sins Obama gets slammed for, and in my opinion, the credibility of the movement has suffered because of the timing of its coalescence. (In the end, I believe what matters most is the question, “are the principles the movement espouses factually and morally sound?”, and since I believe TP principles do indeed meet these criteria, I will not criticize the group further. Either way, I digress).

So before you make any assumptions about what I believe or extrapolate on my exact words, leave a comment and ask me for clarification. I will make every effort on this blog to be objective, observant, fair, and amicable in each interaction. Again, thank ya for taking the time to read!


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