Herman Cain: The Perfect President

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s face was a constant front-page fixture the last several weeks, thanks to a few women who have come forward to claim they were sexually harassed by Cain. I’ll make no bones about it, I’ve been a vocal Cain supporter thus far, and it pains me to see something of this nature surface. But I knew it would once Cain began consistently leading his Republican rivals in the polls. It is unknown who leaked the original story to POLITICO, but the details are still sketchy, and the allegations include behavior that is generally not inappropriate. One woman claims that Cain ushered her into a taxi following a night out with a larger group, after which she found herself in his corporate apartment the next morning. Funny thing is, no one saw what went on in the apartment or even specifically saw Cain hail a cab. As they stand now, the allegations are flimsy at best, and slanderous at worst.

Aside from the dirty, scattered, largely undocumented accusations, no one seems to be addressing the pink elephant in the room, and it’s a question Cain should be leveling at POLITICO: All this is a problem… How, exactly?

First of all, he is black. That makes him Presidential material right off the bat, if you’re a leftist who believes blacks in high office assuage the guilt we Caucasians all should feel for enslaving their ancestors. I mean, Obama was the best thing since… well, just since. It doesn’t get much better than him. He must be pretty darn golden, considering the number of questionable associations the media all but overlooked during the 2008 campaign.

Also, Cain is embroiled in sex scandal after sex scandal (though all seem to mysteriously come from the same small time period he worked at the National Restaurant Association – a very small time period in comparison to his rather impressive career as a whole. Nevermind that.). Bill Clinton, the darling of the left, was, well you know – he liked to get a little frisky. Lewinsky, Flowers, Jones… Clinton couldn’t keep it in his pants, and where did it get him? Sainthood. Obama has repeatedly consulted the 42nd President for advice, and Clinton’s voice is heard with relative regularity in political discourse compared with the now-elusive Bush. He’s still loved by Democrats for his “moderate” politics, his ability to reach across the aisle, his “surplus” (see my post on Social Security to get the skinny on that incredibly ill-conceived term for what Bill Clinton actually had), and his suave manner. The stain on the blue dress? Why, that was nothing more than a smudge on his sterling reputation. It’s the politics that count, man! Cain, on the other hand, for even comparing a woman’s height to that of his own wife (wow, what a pick-up line!) or casually inviting a woman to his hotel room (then dropping the matter when she refused), is a scoundrel wholly unfit for the Oval Office where Clinton, well, yeah we remember.

The rampant coverage of these accusations, therefore, begs the question: Are the media grooming Cain to be the perfect President? An alleged sexual deviant of African descent – does it get any better than that?


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