The False Identity Narrative

If you are anything but a straight white Christian male, Democrats are dumbfounded if you vote Republican.


Because they have successfully constructed and promulgated a narrative of false identity. If you’re a woman, you’re obviously voting with reproductive “rights” in mind. If you’re a Hispanic, you’re voting with immigration in mind. If you’re black, poverty programs. If you’re gay, the definition of marriage. If you’re Muslim, non-discrimination.

I didn’t decide on those labels and corresponding issues. Democrats did, and that’s a demonstrable fact.

Our differences automatically put us into distinct boxes (read: voting blocs). As a result, our identity as “Americans” is eroding. Being American means you are recognized as having immutable value that is derived from your creation as a unique individual human.

Increasingly, however, your identity as an individual is overshadowed by your specific traits that put you in a subgroup like the ones listed above. Your subgroup dictates your concerns and priorities, which therefore determine your voting preference. And since democrats have tailored the conversation on each issue to fit your specific subgroup, namely by assigning absolutes and red herrings to any change to existing legislation proposed by the republican candidate, the only logical choice is pressing the button for the candidate with a D beside his or her name.

Once you are in a box, you are not allowed to leave — peacefully. Yes, you’re technically allowed to leave, but you will forever be branded a traitor to those you left in the box — those who have your (supposed) best interest at heart.

We have lost our way, not because we choose to vote democrat or republican as a matter of conscience, but because we have bought into this false collective identity narrative. If you choose to vote democrat, I will respectfully disagree with you 99% of the time. But that is your right, and I am assuming you came to your decision with careful thought — as an individual. I ask that you do the same for not only me but my fellow Americans — white, black, Hispanic, Asian, lesbian, gay, Christian, Muslim, atheist, rich, poor — everyone.


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