I’m gonna try a little free writing here and see what comes out. The urge to put pen to paper, so to speak, has been gnawing at me lately. AD 2013 has been quite the year and I’ve chronicled none of it save for a prolific (for me) bout of tweets. Having deactivated my trusty thought catalog in Facebook and facing uncertainty about when I’ll fire it up again, WordPress will do for now.

There are a lot of things I’d like to do with my life but none of them appear to have a good starting point at the moment. The creative juices are flowing and yet no outlet seems worthy of that initial laborious investment. I want people to know that the truth about God, Jesus, history, and sin have real meaning for America and the direction we’re headed corporately and individually. There’s so much to say about right and wrong, so much to say about the dire consequences of continuing down the path we are on. My favorite pundits and personalities hammer away on the thoughts that I wish I had conjured first — and yet nothing seems to pierce America’s conscience. No ideas can be put cleverly or concisely enough to change the minds most in need of change.

Let’s imagine I did  get the platform I seek. My opinions are broadcast widely. People would be able to take hold of the truths I want them to grasp. Would I want my message to sink in, or would I simply enjoy the pontificating and ensuing debate? If there were no deluded liberals (but I repeat myself), what would I strive for? What I’m saying is, do I really seek to change hearts and minds, or do I enjoy the struggle?

I’ll let time decide. Meanwhile, there is much prayer and self-reflection that needs to be happening regularly in my life to ensure I’m not exhibiting a double standard. Also I have decided to start collecting reading material from those I respect. I’ve asked a few men in my church to list the top three book titles they find most meaningful. My hope is that expanding my knowledge base across a few specific subjects (namely theology, philosophy, apologetics, and politics) will both reinforce my existing passion for these subjects and ignite new areas of interest.

Regardless of whether I seek an end in educating a large audience or simply enjoy the journey to that goal, it’s time to start. I’ll resist the urge to promise that my journey will be recorded here. But I truly hope I can be more faithful to this blog in 2014. Here goes.