Obligatory Salutations

Well, I did it. Finally forced my fingers onto the keyboard to begin what I hope is a long and fruitful relationship with the blogosphere. Thanks to everyone reading this who encouraged me to start. And thanks for randomly dropping by if you have no idea what this is or how you got here. Here’s to a fresh start writing about what I love: American politics. I hope you find my perspective helpful and inspiring. *chalice clink*

I will be importing some of my Facebook “Notes” over the next few weeks, but if your appetite for conservative commentary demands immediate gratification, check out my page.┬áMost Notes should be available to the public.

Oh, and lest one day you fear you have stumbled upon the wrong site while looking for an incendiary review of Harry Reid’s latest whopper, know that I also play drums in a rock band, so stay tuned for spontaneous updates on A New Day.

Till next time.